About Us


Shah Tourism Company is encouragingly promoting tourism in Kashmir as well as in Pakistan’s northern areas. The main services of our company are to offer family tours and honeymoon packages all across Pakistan. Our beloved country Pakistan is one of the countries which is blessed four irresistible seasons and having rich cultural variations and history.
Shah Tourism Company specifically arranges tours in northern areas of our beloved Pakistan. The company has aims to launch special Pakistan tour packages for Kashmir as well as northern areas in year 2017. Some of the major honey moon tours that we offer like Fairy meadows, Naran Kaghan, Neelum valley plus Galyat, Swat Valley, Hunza, Shogran, Skardu and many more. The company offers these tours along with their significant services at quite affordable rates.

Tourism Company of Pakistan:

Pakistan Northern areas are renowned for their popular peaks, rivers and mountains not only in Pakistan but all across the world as well. Our company has the goal of presenting a positively spectacular image of our beloved Pakistan on our all clients. Our dearest Pakistan is replete with natural beauty and it has got world’s most dazzling places for visit, especially the northern areas of Pakistan and the beautiful region of Kashmir. This component of the country is famous all around the world because of lush green valleys, sky high mountains, pulchritudinous lakes, mighty rivers and breathtaking wildlife.

Our company has target to arrange tours in different areas of Pakistan especially in Northern areas and Kashmir. There are number of places with natural beauty in both areas to tour like one of the Hunza Valley, while Swat valley, Skardu Valley, Lakes, peaks and Cold Deserts and Neelum valley etc are most favorite tourism destinations in summers as well as in winters.