Beautiful Places in Pakistan

1- Lulusar Lake:

Lulusar is one of the beautiful places that has high mountain peaks and a lake in the Kaghan Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The word “sar” belongs to Pashto language that means “top” or “peak”. The highest peak has a height of eleven thousands and two hundred feet (3,410 meters). The spot is renowned for the charming and large Lulusar Lake which is a well liked tourist attraction. The cramped road to Lulusar restricted entrance in the past, butnow it has been lately improved and Lulusar Lake is the primary headstream of the Kunhar River which flows southwest through the entire length of Kaghan Valley passing Jalkhand, Jared, Naran, Kaghan, Paras and Balakot until its junction with the Jhelum River.


2- Pyala Lake:

Pyala Lake is afairly small lake aprt from the Kunhar River at Jalkhad. The lake looks quite similar to a bowl, that’s why it is called Pyala Lake.


3-Mahodand Lake:

Mahodand Lake (called Lake of Fishes) is found in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about forty kiometers from Kalam, Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The lake is attainable by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is more often used for boating and fishing.


4- Attabad Lake:

The lake was found due to a huge landslide at Attabad village in Gojal Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, nine miles (forteen km) upstream of Karimabad that happened on 4th of January 2010. In the landslide twenty people were killed and the flow of the Hunza River was blocked for five months. 6,000 people from upstream villages were displaced in the lake flooding, stranded (from land transportation routes) a more 25,000, and deluged over 12 miles (19 kilometers) of the Karakoram Highway.The lake outstretched 13 miles (21 kilometers) long and over 100 metres (330 ft) in depth till the very first week of June 2010 when it started flowing over the landslide dam, totally inundating lower Shishkat and somewhat flooding Gulmit. The subdivision of Gojal had the serious number of flooded buildings, over 170 houses and 120 shops. The residents also had to face shortages of food and other stuff due to the blockage of the Karakoram Highway. Till 4th of 4 June the water outflow from the lake had grown to 3,700 cu ft/s (100 m3/s).

The water levels persistent to rise on 18th of June 2010 caused by a difference in the discharge and invasion of the new lake. As the bad weather continued, the supply of food, medicine and other stuff were terminated as all kinds of transportation including helicopter service to Hunza were unable resume.


5- Saiful Maluk Lake:

Saif ul Malook jheel is one of the most attractive and beautiful lakes not only in Pakistan but across the world as well. Every one of you can imagine to be on the surface-out this lake, words fail to describe its natural beauty. The one who has been there once he or she can never forget the dream time that was spent in captivating Saiful Malook.